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International Tankard Reports

2017 Marpole Report (Scroll down to page 10)/A>
2016 Chilliwack Report (Scroll down to page 3)
2015 Beaverton Report (Scroll down to page 11)
2014 Lake Cowichan Report (Scroll down to page 5)
2013 Maple Ridge Report (Scroll down to page 9)
2012 Seattle Report (From KJ Files)
2011 Gibsons Coast Reporter
2010 Langley Report (From KJ Files)
2009 Seattle Report (From KJ Files)
2008 Mission Report (From KJ Files)
2006 International Tankard Region 11 Minutes
2006 International Tankard Terms of Reference
2004 Mission Report (From RJ Files)
2003 Lake Cowichan Report (From CurlBC Files)
2002 Seattle Report (From CurlBC Files)
2001 Gibsons Report (From CurlBC Files)
2000 Abbotsford Report (Copied from Yearbook)