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International Tankard

The Pacific Northwest Curling Association and the BC International Tankard Committee,
with regrets, have made the decision to cancel the 2022 International Tankard.

The following protocol is required for a US citizen to enter Canada and is, in part, the reason for the decision to cancel. It appears to be too much for a three day event:

1 Download the ArriveCan app,
2 Have identification (passport),
3 Be double vaccinated,
4 Have a negative Covid-19 test 72 hours before entering Canada,
5 Have an alternative place to Quarantine for 14 days if found positive after crossing the border,
6 Place all the above information in the ArriveCan app prior to crossing the border,
7 On a random basis, border crossing officials could give you a Covid-19 test kit,
8 If you receive one of these kits you must take a nose swab and submit to an approved Laboratory (Lifelabs in BC).
9 Once in BC, you will have to show proof of double vaccination and identity to enter restaurants, gyms, bars. etc.
10 Please go to the Canada Government web site to see the actual regulations for entry into Canada.

Legacy and Tradition

Thank you, Langley CC for donating the Banner

Future Hosts:
2023 - Chilliwack Curling Club
2024 - Seattle Granite Club
2025 - Nanaimo Curling Club

Responsibilities of:
Region 11 Committee
Hosting Club
Curling Clubs Nominating a Volunteer

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